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    I've been burned.

    So quite literally I have been burned. I was the lucky victim of a house fire this summer. Lucky referring to the fact that my hard drives (sorta) and clothes survived. No one was home and the house was just about a total loss, but that's what insurance is for. Here's where I stand. I had a...
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    Dell M1330 external display

    I'm doing this for my parents so I don't need to hear why did you buy a Dell. I just upgraded this M1330 to windows 7 from vista. Everything went smoothly until this week. The lcd they had hooked up quit working. It worked while I installed 7 and days later, but it just stopped. The monitor was...
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    Spam someone's email?

    I keep getting harassed by low-ball offers from this guy from craigslist. Anyone know where I can signup his email to flood him with offers on pills from Canada and from the Nigerian president? I figure he's just an entrepreneur and I'd like to help him get rich quick.
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    GotoMYPC Alternatives

    We use Goto at work and I would love to have it, but I'm not paying $20/mo to be able to log in at school and upload the paper I typed and forgot to upload. Window Remote access is clumsy at best, you can't connect to a computer running vista home premium(guess what I have) and then it logs out...
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    Cheep 9800 GT

    Rob, I know you love rebates so this one is for you buddy.
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    Folding Machine

    I'm going to build a machine dedicated to folding. Problem is, the K9A2 Platinum, a steal at $94 online, has 4 pcie slots and most cases have only 7 expansions slots. There is the abs canyon($600) and the lian-li pc-08r($600). I love science and I love racking up RAC with gpus but I'm not...
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    Cosmos air flow

    Inside the cosmos 1000 there are 3 120 exhaust fans and when you throw in a PSU pushing air out and a 9800 GX2 you'd figure you would need to replace all that air somehow. Well under the PSU mount there is an intake, however if your PSU doesn't have a bottom fan then this is useless, in my case...
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    Oops? or maybe not.

    I'M DUMB
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    CUDA n-Body

    Rob, I have a rather large favor to ask of your staff. CUDA is now available on most nVidia GPUs. Problem is, it doesn't run the same way as video and you can't size up cards based off thebig fat table or Tom's tables. I had a GTX260 and got a n-body score of 20fps/320 gflop/s. Not...
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    We have been right all along.

    I hate getting into arguments about why our PCs are better than any console out there and PC World has compiled the list. Read it here.
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    OC'd 4850

    When I turned my rig on the other night after I put in my Thermalright ultra 120 I saw my HD2400 emit a puff of smoke and the monitor never came out of standy-by. Worst Buy, much to my amazement had a 4850 and I just threw that in. It came with a core clock and memory clock of 500 and 750. I...
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    CoD4 Disp Drivers Issues

    I just started playing CoD4 online and it seems that everything is working against me. I keep getting the message that says "atikmag.exe has crashed but recovered successfully." I find that I'm not the only one with this problem, yet no one seems to have found the solution. It seems to be...
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    Hey buddy, can I borrow a few bucks?

    I'm looking to put a SSD in my ThinkPad, On Wisconsin did for a hundred bucks or so. You can only imagine my amazement when I saw this. What's wrong with this one?
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    Corsair Cinema

    If you watch this, do you think that maybe having the cover off disrupted the airflow required to keep everything cool? I don't think that brand X was a shoe in anyway but for the same reason you leave the case door on on your computer you should leave the cover on the PSU. Be that as it may...
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    Early XMas present

    I saw this and wondering if it is as good of a deal as I keep hearing.
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    AMD crossfire boards do exist?

    I need a recommendation of a upper lever AMD/crossfire boards. I found the ASUS M3A79-T deluxe but there has to be more than one that costs this much and had all the bells and whistles. MSI, DFI and EVGA have struck out thus far. Does Soyo still make good boards?
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    Case Fans

    Merlin, Not to pick on you for those gaudy expensive fans you bought a while ago but, how are you liking them? I just got my Cosmos 1000 and the 4 stock fans are a bit rattly. I have the stock fans plugged right into a molex so this might be misleading but if anyone has something they...
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    Smart Monitoring Software

    I can't get a temperature read from my drives using HD Tune or Everest. Can someone drop a name of another proggy to try to pick up these values? I just ordered a Cosmos 1000 and I want to establish some base lines.
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    News of 45nm AMD Phenoms

    I'm a man of few words. These guys said it best so go look here.
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    Selling AMD +6400 X2 That is the exact one I bought about 6 months ago. I am getting away from my ASUS board and have to change chips so I figure it could be used here. It's...