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    iPod Vending Machines Spotted

    Yes, Apple made a lot selling Ipods, but in my last post here I argued that they could of made billions if they didn't fumble the ball early on. Imagine if ATI or Nvidia did NOT license their hardware. They would of lost what billions of dollars in profit? Please try to imagine the...
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    How hot is too hot for an Intel?

    Silly question, but why are you using the stock fan? Not a good idea to use a stock fan on an expensive processor. Spend the twenty bucks to get a decent fan. It is good sense if you pay a lot of money on a processor to not use a cheap fan on it.
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    Coolest keyboard ever?

    Anybody here try using the Zboard? It is a gaming keyboard that has a replacemable key matrix. You remove the top piece and lay down another key matrix. The keys are preset for various games.
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    Anybody else use only the onboard audio?

    I posted a message a few days ago, and asked if anyone had benchmarks that actually would prove whether a sound card or audio chip was faster. Therefore I got to ask, do you have any benchmarks to backup your above figures of 5 fps faster rate?
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    How much is too much for a video card?

    Makes perfect sense. I try to do the same and buy a cheaper card and overclock it. I pay approximately two-hundred fifty dollars for a card, once every two years.
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    Wondering what you use your thumb drives for?

    I own a very cheap 128 MB thumbdrive. Can not fit that much on it. I primarily use it for backup.
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    Favorite MMORPG games?

    Banning accounts isn't illegal. Wonder if that is what he is complaining about?
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    HUGE PROBLEM! needhelp asap.

    A friend at college got infected by it too. Did not take him long to fix it. I'm a little shocked that it is taking you a long while to get it fixed.
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    Curious why do people need a laptop?

    I purchased a laptop on an impulse and sort of regretted ever since. I use to go on vacation with my parents, then when I moved to college then I would have spring break. However, other then those 2 weeks or 3 weeks of vacation out of the year where I use the laptop, I never use it...
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    Most Expensive Piece of Hardware You Own?

    Graphics Card is most expensive part. Nividia 6800 NU at $200.
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    Best Browser

    Guess who else uses it? Yeah, me too.
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    Still have Pc-3200?

    I have a computer that requires PC-3200. Is that what most people here have in their systems? Do a lot of people have DDR2 computer systems?
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    Which motherboard chipset do you like better?

    Intel does make very stable chipsets and have for a long time. Nvidia chipsets are notibly faster and designed for higher performance, but sacrifices stability in its place. I heard of some motherboard manufacturers that refuse to use Nvidia chipsets because of all the stability problems...
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    Man throws penis at cops

    One word sums up this entire thread: "Sick" I think that word covers it all.....
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    How to protect yourself against hackers?

    Starting a web site soon. A small web site about Warcraft - Frozen Throne. Me and some friends still like to play that game, and going to set up a strategy website. Planning ahead and curious how do you protect a website against hackers? Precautions should I take before starting a web...
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    Good Security Related Programs

    Anti-virus is best run by the user. About once a week I start my anti-virus software, scan my computer, then exit the program. I won't let the anti-virus software remain online all the time.
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    How fast can you type the alphabet?

    You want a hi-score. Before beginning, put 5 fingers on the first five letters and 5 five fingers on the last five letters of the alphabet. Then press start, and very quickly stick all 10 fingers down in the correct order. Quickly type the remaining 16 letters. Your get a really hi-score...
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    Finally Here

    I tryed to join a forum one time and could never get it to work then gave up trying. Many new users will quit if they can't get it working immediately. Good work on keep trying till you got it to work.
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    Anybody else use only the onboard audio?

    There is a difference in opinion between a couple people on whether the onboard sound or sound card requires less system resources. Wish I could see some benchmarks between onboard sound vs. sound card. Prove it one way or the other.
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    Twinmos 512MB PC3200 BH5

    They don't manufacturer that type any longer. You can't run it dual channel with 3 sticks, therefore better to stick with what you have. With 2 sticks your get the dual channel on your board.