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  1. Synesthesia

    AMD Announces Radeon HD 7970; Promises to be Faster than HD 6970

    Nice, can't wait for 7950 benchmarks too.
  2. Synesthesia

    HiTech Legion 3rd Annual Holiday Giveaway Spectacular 2011

    HiTech Legion 3rd Annual Holiday Giveaway Spectacular 2011 Visit Hi Tech Legion for more information! ps: You need to be a registered member of Hi Tech Legion in order to be eligible for the contest. If you don't mind, please include me "Synesthesia" as your referral (*extra entries*...
  3. Synesthesia

    Won Another Motherboard!

    sweet, nice mobo, congrats on winning :)
  4. Synesthesia

    The loss of a Visionary: Steve Jobs Passes

    sad news, RIP Steve :(
  5. Synesthesia

    Fractal Design Define R3 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

    I heard newer revision of the R3 is shipping with USB 3.0 support, upgrade kit will also be available soon.
  6. Synesthesia

    Weird Problem

    Use Driver Sweeper? and re-install Catalyst
  7. Synesthesia

    EVGA 12th Anniversary Contest

    Really awesome prize list! This competition is open to everyone worldwide, right?
  8. Synesthesia

    EA Acquires PopCap for $750 Million

    haha, I love Bejeweled, the game's really addictive!
  9. Synesthesia

    HELP!! High Pitch Noise Coming from System

    Coil whine? My last PSU had that issue <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. Synesthesia

    NVIDIA decorates its Moscow HQ

    really impressive :)
  11. Synesthesia

    BF3 Min & Rec Specs released from Gamestop

    nice, hope my system can support it :)
  12. Synesthesia

    40GB of Mobile Data Can Cost as Much as a House

    woah really, never thought that it would cost so much. Better stick to the land-line
  13. Synesthesia

    AMD's First Llano Desktop Processors Hit E-tail

    haha I say the box art looks nice, how does it match up with i5 2500k?
  14. Synesthesia

    AMD Releases Catalyst 11.4 Driver

    Yup me too, I gained better frame rates in Unigine Heaven Benchmark & in games since upgrade from 11.4
  15. Synesthesia

    Mozilla Releases Thunderbird 5.0

    Thanks for the update, just updated to 5.0, love the new interface
  16. Synesthesia

    Note Book with Longest Battery Backup

    Asus UL80JT? with 12-hour battery life :)
  17. Synesthesia

    AMD Releases Catalyst 11.4 Driver

    11.6b released on 6/7 :)