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  1. slugbug

    NZXT Summer PC Upgrade Giveaway on Facebook!/pages/NZXT-Corp/17437970300?v=wall Should have posted this earlier but there are still some nice prizes left to be won. Level 6 is done and level 7 begins when they get 2200 fans. Personally I think it may take a while for them to reach 5000 fans and the...
  2. slugbug

    Personal hygiene was never this fun

    A New Twist on Personal hygiene Introducing the best invention since soap on a rope.
  3. slugbug

    OCZ Alchemy USB keyboard for 99 cents after MIR

    ZipZoomfly has the OCZ Alchemy USB keyboard on sale for $0.99 after a $20.00 mail in rebate until Sept 20th.
  4. slugbug

    Ubuntu repair?

    Ubuntu repair: solved While messing around with Ubuntu 8.04 yesterday I tried installing KDE4 and SuperKaramba. I decided I didn't like it and removed the packages via the synaptics package manager. I thought the OS would automatically revert to Gnome but it did not, and now it won't boot. Is...
  5. slugbug

    Linux Evolution Email and folders

    Finally got my Evolution email client set up with all my email accounts but it lumps all my email together in the in box. I would like to configure it so emails download into separate named folders if possible. Anyone know if this is possible?
  6. slugbug

    Xeon X3320 quad core from $227.70

    Borrowed from another forum :) Intel Xeon X3320 OEM - $253.00 Intel Xeon X3320 Retail - $263.00 Use coupon code MARCHMADNESS to save 10% and bring the price down to $236.70 for the retail version, and $227.70 for the OEM. The Xeon...
  7. slugbug

    Vote for me please

    Hi all, I entered a contest over at the coolermaster forum and would appreciate any votes I can get. My entry is #5. Thanks :)
  8. slugbug

    A Nice upgrade from Corsair

    I recently rma'd a Corsair TWINX1024-4000 kit which failed a memtest run with quite a few errors. I called today to check on my rma status and was told that unfortunately that ram was no longer available, but there were a few others I could choose from. I was offered a TWINX2048-3200C2PRO kit as...