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  1. DarkStarr

    Doubtful but.... 7870 FS Anyone want it?

    I have a fresh from RMA XFX 7870. It should have Lifetime warranty since it inherited warranty from a 6950. I can put a block on it unless I go with a universal, not gonna happen. I want to get $190 Shipped on it.
  2. DarkStarr

    Nvidia Titan

    So what do we think of the Titan? I doubt it will stay within that envelope of 250w, I think in actual testing it will end up much closer to 300w+. I gotta say, I dunno how well its gonna sell at that premium and because a lot of people who purchased 680s for launch price are not gonna want to...
  3. DarkStarr

    Looking for a piece of software

    I am looking for something on windows that basically deals with folders. I want a folder icon on my desktop and when i click it it should expand into the folder, not open explorer. I could have swore I saw this somewhere but cant find anything like it anywhere. Help please!
  4. DarkStarr

    FS: 2x Watercooled GTX 275s!

    Dunno why I didn't post this here earlier but I want to sell my GTX 275s so if anyone wants them let me know. I will post images soon. I am looking for $125 each. For now these are the images I have:
  5. DarkStarr

    HELP ME!!! Realtek SUCKS!!

    I need a cheap decent sound card. This realtek BS onboard POS SUCKS!! Even with an X-Fi mod on it it sucks because it wont setup my speakers right. I had it right for a day then suddenly nothing works. It probably should be PciE for upgrades sake.
  6. DarkStarr

    Recommend me a keyboard!

    I want something backlit, something with smaller thinner keys, similar to laptop keys. What I am looking at is the Razer TRON keyboard, it looks awesome and seems to be perfect and AFAIK Razer has them available. The cool thing is that I can swap the number pad to either side or remove it...
  7. DarkStarr

    "Botched" 6790s Released

    It appears that there has been some mixup in communication between AMD and its partners, which resulted in a bit more ROPs on the HD 6790 card. AMD's official specs stated that this Barts GPU should be left with 800 Stream processors while the number of ROPs should be 16, or half of the...
  8. DarkStarr

    Nvidia GTX 590

    Wow.... This is the biggest fail card I have ever seen. Only a 77Mhz OC on stock vcore add vcore and OCP is triggered lmao You can get all this fail for the low low price of $699.99 :D The card may be quiet but that's because it cant OC and has extremely reduced clocks. This card may be better...
  9. DarkStarr

    I need WC help

    I need some help, I am looking to cool just my dual 275s for now so I found a couple FC blocks from EK (brand new and not a bad price) but I was going to grab an EK 360 rad but it sold out. I need a rad, res and pump. I am looking at a MCP655 though for the pump and any advice on how best to...
  10. DarkStarr

    New Build: Help Me with a Name!

    OK, I am building a "New" rig, it will be for folding bigadv units only so the specs are: CPU: Intel i7 2600k (OCed to 4.8ish hopefully) Mobo: ASUS P8P67 PRO GPU: ATI Radeon 5750 PSU: My old Xion PowerReal 850w HDD: Dunno just yet, probably whatever I can find here Ram: Corsair TW3X4G1600C9DHX...
  11. DarkStarr

    Antec 900 Airflow Mod

    Now I was thinking on this for awhile, I kept saying to myself what can I do to keep my hardware cooler and here is the answer! Look closely, notice nothing in the drive bays! I pulled my second DVD drive (simply to complete the look, and all 3 of my harddrives. Where are they you may ask...
  12. DarkStarr

    Extreme Cooling?

    I took a look at these and was wondering whats the deal with TECs. I found those on ebay and said to myself, why couldn't I just get these hook em up to a fan...
  13. DarkStarr

    Phone network update?

    Seriously this is annoying, apparently Cricket updates their network every so often and now because of the last one around Dec. 26th my flashed Moto Q that worked fine otherwise is now useless. I need to be able to receive texts from people about me repairing their PCs or to be able to receive...
  14. DarkStarr

    Cheap Realtek Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Cards

    Well since there is no networking area I suppose this goes here, anyways on this cool Chinese website (they have some really cool stuff) I found this: Its a PCIe 1x slot Gigabit network card for less than $10. If you need an upgrade well, here...
  15. DarkStarr

    AMD Quad Core (Really a Hex-Core) 960T

    Zosma Four AMD K10 cores using chip harvesting technique from 6 core Thuban die, with two cores disabled 45 nm SOI with Immersion Lithography L1 cache: 64 kB + 64 kB (data + instructions) per core L2 cache: 512 kB per core, full-speed L3 cache: 6 MB shared between all cores. Memory...
  16. DarkStarr

    Newest "Hotfix" Catalyst 10.10e MLAA for 5xxx Cards

    I grabbed this after seeing what it could for games, too bad there are a few glitches and you have no way to change special settings for only certain apps unlike nvidia. The most massive problem is with WLM 2010, apparently it uses GPU power for some reason or another and with MLAA on it looks...
  17. DarkStarr

    PC Parts (used in a awesome build)

    Ok now, this is probably going to be a fairly long review since I am reviewing several parts that I used to build my cousins PC. The parts list is: Maxcube Vortex 36 series (3620) AMD Phenom II x2 555 BE Stock AMD 955BE Cooler Biostar TA890GXB HD OCZ 1066 Mhz 4GB Kit DDR3 (2x2GB) Antec TruePower...
  18. DarkStarr

    Need Help!!

    I installed the new Cat 10.10 and that's where all the problems started. Since installing it my clocks are locked at stock no matter what I try. I uninstalled the 10.10s and went back to 10.9 and still locked. I have no idea what to try, I have no clue if it was a M$ update or what but if I cant...
  19. DarkStarr

    GPU Fan Died :(

    Well my gpu fan died, either from washing or spinning or who knows lol. Since its essentially identical to a AC Accelero L2 Pro I am buying a fan and some sinks that normally come with it.
  20. DarkStarr

    Wow!!! My second Bad Azz PSU For The Low Low

    As many of you may know I recently built my cousin a PC with an Antec TruePower 550 Watt PSU that normally goes for $119.99 with $1.99 shipping from newegg, for $60. Well I decided to go ahead and grab me a new PSU for my machine if I could get one cheap. I ended up getting a Antec EarthWatts...