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  1. Rory Buszka

    How Do I Downgrade From Windows 10?

    This is probably the most common question I have seen asked when relating to Windows 10. Even though I use Windows 10 and don't hate it too terribly (though I do despise some things about it, it's not enough to prompt a downgrade), I do think that the way Microsoft has pushed its latest OS on...
  2. Rory Buszka

    What Do You Use to Listen?

    Hey, everyone, Rory here. As Techgage's resident audio geek supreme, I get to play with an assortment of cutting-edge PC audio gear, and I firmly believe that the PC-bound audiophile has never had it so good when it comes to their options for a truly great-sounding audio system for their...
  3. Rory Buszka

    TSMC and the Process Wars (Long!)

    If you're a PC enthusiast and you haven't heard of AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and ATI, you'd probably better just quit now. Before you hurt yourself. Trundle on down to the Fry's, or the Best Buy, and just buy a HP, Gateway, or Compaq that costs what you're willing to spend, and be happy with it...
  4. Rory Buszka

    AMD CEO Steps Down (Commentary! Long!!)

    From the Techgage News: Things have certainly been rough for AMD as of late. Today, AMD's CEO, Hector Ruiz, stepped down from his position at the company. There is no way of knowing whether or not his departure is a result of the company's performance, but after Jerry Sanders' and Phil Hester's...
  5. Rory Buszka

    Happy Birthday, Madstork91!

    ...from us guys at Techgage. :techgage: ;)
  6. Rory Buszka

    XtremeMac Tango X2

    There's a bevy of options out there if you're looking for an affordable docking speaker system for your iPod, but not all of them have the same design priorities in mind. Here's our detailed look at XtremeMac's Tango X2 iPod speaker system. Does the Tango X2 sound as good as it looks? Check...
  7. Rory Buszka

    Reallusion Crazy Talk 5.0

    Have you ever wanted to create a small animated clip for a special email or for your blog page? Do you believe it is over your head? Reallusion may have your answer, and we have your look at their product, Crazy Talk 5.0. Check out the original article here and discuss it here!
  8. Rory Buszka

    Lenovo L220X 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor

    Lenovo tests the waters in the LCD market with a product that we've been waiting quite some time for -- a 22" LCD monitor that offers a 1920 x 1200 native resolution. But is its resolution alone enough reason for you to give the nod to the L220X, or is it worth waiting for other manufacturers to...
  9. Rory Buszka

    New ASUS Eee PC Models Arrive for 2008

    At Computex 2008, ASUS has just introduced three new models into its Eee PC lineup of sub-notebook PCs, all three infused with Intel's Atom CPU technology, as well as two with larger displays. We've got all the details you want right here. Check out the original article here and discuss it here!
  10. Rory Buszka

    Intel 4-Series Chipsets: G43, G45, P45

    Intel's next-generation chipset offerings in the mid-range and enterprise-level markets have arrived in the form of three mid-range offerings in Intel's 4-Series of chipsets, including two with integrated DirectX 10 IGPs. In this article, we'll lay out the differences, and help you understand...
  11. Rory Buszka

    Splitting The Atom: NVIDIA Tegra

    NVIDIA took the opportunity at Computex to announce a brand-new chip series: Tegra. This high-performance/low power 'system on a chip' is set out to take on Intel's Atom, and if all of NVIDIA's claims are spot-on, everyone is going to want to have the chip in their mobile device once available...
  12. Rory Buszka

    ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 Sound Card

    ASUS finally antes up to the bang-for-the-buck table with a value-priced product in their Xonar family of performance audio cards. It’s got a solid feature set, and debuts with ASUS’ new DS3D GX 2.0 environmental DSP, but does it break new ground in the price/performance department? You can...
  13. Rory Buszka

    GeForce 8800 GTS/GTX Cooler Comparison

    We take a look at two aftermarket alternatives to the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS/GTX's stock cooler, the VF1000 LED from Zalman and the Hurricane HC92 from ZEROTherm. See which one took top honors in our testing! You can read the article here and discuss it here!
  14. Rory Buszka

    CES 2008: NETGEAR Press Conference

    Netgear's been positively humming with activity lately, averaging one product release per month in 2007 (with the exception of the holiday months.) We check in with them to see what they've got in store for us in 2008, and to put it plainly, we like what we see. You can read the article here...
  15. Rory Buszka

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition: This one goes to 11

    AMDZone managed to overclock the new Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition to 3.3GHz on air-cooling, and it smokes both an Athlon 64 X2 6000+ and a FX-62 in testing: See it do it.
  16. Rory Buszka

    Video: The Decibel Dilemma

    Believe it or not, there was once a day when the blast of noisy fans was the mark of a through-the-roof overclocked rig, and people actually thought this way about PC hardware. It's not so true these days, however, as enthusiasts are beginning to understand the importance of noise as an...
  17. Rory Buszka

    Could multichannel (surround) sound on the PC be dying?

    One thing has become apparent to me within about the last year or so: multichannel audio on the PC has bit the dust...hard. With fastidious big-name loudspeaker manufacturers like Klipsch heading for the door, and major up-and-comers like Razer choosing to go the 2.1 route with their high-end...
  18. Rory Buszka

    Reader's Rig Photo Gallery

    Ask and ye shall receive. This thread is for posting photos of your rig, modded or not. Though it's most likely that everyone viewing these forums has high-speed internet access, please resize all your photos to 1000x750 pixels or smaller, out of courtesy to those remaining few who might not...
  19. Rory Buszka

    Please don't hurt the web. Aww, how can you refuse? Okay, open standards it is.
  20. Rory Buszka

    Fee-Based Subscription Gaming on Linux

    The notion: Fee-based subscription games can have clients developed for Linux operating systems, since the fee is what really generates the bulk of revenue for fee-based subscription online gaming, not the initial client software purchase. This requires a slight shift in the business model...