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  1. Doomsday

    Weird issue with PC!

    Hey guys! I am having a weird issue with me PC. Can't figure out what it is. The thing is my GPU used to hang up and freeze the system when under load like gaming or stress test. This happened before so I opened it up, cleaned it, applied a fresh thermal paste . reattached the heat sink and...
  2. Doomsday

    Off to the wedding!

    Mornin' Well boys and girls! I'm off for me wedding.. Hoping all goes well! Wish us luck! Hopefully, I'll be back in a few weeks time to check in now and then for the new content, hehe!! :D
  3. Doomsday

    How to Apply Thermal Paste the Kentucky Way ROFL!! :D
  4. Doomsday

    Mass Effect! The Prequel Trilogy!

  5. Doomsday

    All about Sleeping Dogs

    I've read its also a good one! :D
  6. Doomsday

    Are you ready to Take Earth Back! Are u excited, hyped or over hyped excited hybrid?!? :D Cause I'm soooooo excited!! :eek:
  7. Doomsday

    WOW Question!

    Hey guys! I have World of Warcraft related question! The money I saved for SW:TOR I bought the WoW Digital pack upto Cataclysm and I was wondering why the story has jumped to Cataclysm for me even though I just started playing?!? Will I be able to do the quests for the previous expansions? Is...
  8. Doomsday

    Feel the Power of the Cello Force!!
  9. Doomsday

    Facebook: History of the World

    If Facebook had existed during the Big Bang, Ancient Rome, World War II, and the rest of Earth's major historical events. :D
  10. Doomsday

    Overkill for a GTX560Ti !!?
  11. Doomsday

    Weird Internet Browsing problem!

    Hey guys! As the topic suggests i have a problem with browsing! It started 2 weeks ago. Even though i installed a fresh copy of windows the problem went away at first but started again after a few hours! When i am browsing and i click on the bookmarked website, the page loads but is not...
  12. Doomsday

    Movies Thread!!

    We don't discuss movies!! Why is that!!?? Lol! Some really good movies came out this summer! With the opening of a new 3D cinema here, i have started going to watch movies on the big screen! My first one, Fast 5! Awesome! Thor, Very nice! Pirates 4, Good! Kung Fu Panda 2, Pure Awesomeness...
  13. Doomsday

    Creation of the Xbox 360 and PS3 in a PC case mod

    Now this is freakin' Awesome!! :D
  14. Doomsday

    Has Blizzard sold its soul to the Devil Diablo!!

    Diablo 3 requires a constant internet connection to play – there’s no offline mode at all. :mad: No offline play/No mods and an ingame auction house to sell items for money.
  15. Doomsday

    Me PC!!

    Just installed the V6 GT and did some cable management!!
  16. Doomsday

    HD5830 VS GTX460

    Ok so i bought a HD5770 two months a go and now i have the opportunity to sell it and add some mooney and go for either a HD5830 or a GTX460!!! Recommendations PLS!! :D edit: I'll be doing some research too! :D
  17. Doomsday


    Hey guys, i have been having a problem with me PC latley. When i start it up it gives a small *beeep* and then doesnot boot. i restart it and the same happens. So i opened the side casing panel and started removing and attaching the different hardware. Firstly the Rams, then the GPU, the SATA...
  18. Doomsday

    Cooler Master R4 Fans!

    Hey guys. I was bout to order 5 Cooler master R4 fans for my CM Centurion 590. I wanted to have better airflow in my case as the current fans suck! they hardly move any air and just looked...
  19. Doomsday

    Windows 7 Sound Driver problem!

    Well, i got a copy of Win 7 Professional from a friend after my Win XP started giving Blue Screen of Death every time it booted into windows! Was using the 30 day trial for Win 7! I inserted my sound card driver CD and it gave an error message of the 5.1 Sound Blaster not installed! i went to...
  20. Doomsday

    Codecs Problem!! Help Required!

    I downloaded Transformers 720p .wmv bluray and i have installed K-Lite Mega Codecs and every sound is coming except for the dialogue of the humans. Robot dialogue is audible but no human sound. i un installed this version and downloaded the latest K Lite Mega Codecs 5.0.0 and now all my .wmv...