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  1. RainMotorsports

    Modified a laptop to hold my Nexus 5.

    I bought a new laptop that was already ridiculous and then did something ridiculous to it. Its a Bay Trail Quad Core Celeron which while weak does play Portal. More importantly it was $230 bucks and gets 4 to 6 hours of battery life. But it has no optical drive and the space is there. So...
  2. RainMotorsports

    Got my Nexus 5 hope it looks this good in 3 years.

    Rob made the comment like 6 months into me owning my Galaxy S2 that it still looked in good shape. I had to laugh because the plan was for it to be perfect 2 years later. It has held up very well so far the main fail point is the USB ports of course. I didn't take photos for the first...
  3. RainMotorsports

    Best use for zip ties Corsair included with the PSU... Assembly!

    I needed a second machine to run 24/7 and my only real choice was to use the machine long slated for my arcade project. With a video card donated by none other than TechGage. Problem is the machine is BTX, the low end video card chosen for its ability to fit in front of the BTX CPU cooler is...
  4. RainMotorsports

    My first 5 seconds with Windows Server 2012

    ...Where did i put my Windows NT 4 Server Disk at... MUST DOWNGRADE Seriously. So they removed the start menu, put in metro and proceeded to make everything desktop based. So uh I now have to change my work flow in order to launch desktop applications from an interface meant for something...
  5. RainMotorsports

    Rain's Carsenal for NFS World Domination. (56K Warning)

    I am up to 51 cars now and I am so lazy I have made a sig pic for each car class so I no longer have to keep the thread over at my clan updated. Plus it makes it a bit easier to share with anyone! Should be 6 images total, might take a second on slower connections.
  6. RainMotorsports

    Oh I am in trouble now!

    You know I am in trouble when the first thing I run after logging in post install is sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. Now I didn't actually type that exacting command since I was looking for a limited install but you get the picture. Screenshot: I was already looking to get back to...
  7. RainMotorsports

    Battlefield 3 One Year Anniversary Montage by RainMotorsports

    Reddit - You saw the trailer - now see the video! YouTube: <iframe width="640" height="360" src=""...
  8. RainMotorsports

    Trailer for my upcoming Battlefield 3 montage.

    Battlefield 3 passed the 1 year mark October 25th just after the 10 year anniversary of the Battlefield series. I put off my originally planned Montage to include an extra month and game expansion and mark the 1st anniversary. Its taken longer than expected as I had hoped to have it done by...
  9. RainMotorsports

    Picked up a Samson Meteor USB Mic today

    Pics: Audio Sample: <object height="81" width="100%"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param> <embed allowscriptaccess="always" height="81"...
  10. RainMotorsports

    BF3 Armored Kill: 4.5 Minutes of Day One footage.

    After an initial posting of a long boring video I went and played some more. Here is the action that ensued! <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Don't forget to view in HD.
  11. RainMotorsports

    Only in Battlefield 3 video competition

    I wont pretend to have any expectations for this video but it was a joke that turned into an idea that turned into an entry no matter how serious. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Don't forget to view in...
  12. RainMotorsports

    Latest BF3 patch ruin the chopper? I don't think so. My best round ever with it.

    Armed with 2 sets of flares and not too much to take it down the chopper has been the crazy killer in the sky for some time now. Its not uncommon for people to go 40 to 60 and 0. The latest patch removed gunner flares and below radar. As well as extending the range of the AA and shoulder...
  13. RainMotorsports

    eMMC firmware bug bricking Samsung phones on Android 4.0.x

    I have been in the action taking idiotic risks and after seeing someone comment on a thread I had posted and XDA putting up a front page post. Started to figure it was worth bringing the discussion here. While most of us are living the danger on leaks of ICS update candidates for the Epic 4G...
  14. RainMotorsports

    I think I just broke Infinity.00?

    Okay so I upgraded my VPS from NFO's 2 thread package to 3 thread "core" if you want. Everytime I have stepped up they end up moving me to a different rack because the quad xeon's are used for up to 8 1 Core VPS's or 4 2 Thread etc. Blew my mind when I saw i had gone from a W3520 to a X5690...
  15. RainMotorsports

    Testing the waters with one of my new logos.

    This is a rough draft and your going to see 2 whites because the top is transparent. I did not plan on going back to my old font and thats why I let the O's show in stock form which are a bit ugly. I will edit them later. This is the 2D Abstract logo, im also doing a 3d abstract and a couple...
  16. RainMotorsports

    Windows File Permissions not inherited when moved only when copied?

    I was writing a sync program for someone I mirror for and I noticed when I move the downloaded files after verifying the md5 the permissions are not inherited. According to Brian Lich a Microsoft Moderator on Technet: I would lay down and accept this but there is a suggestion this isn't 100%...
  17. RainMotorsports

    4.7Ghz there is some hope after all.

    I was just redoing my machine and decided it might be time to update that bios. I was on a bios that happened to bring the initial ivy bridge support but there had been a few since affecting all areas. With a successful overclock its kinda hard to risk updating. BIOS support can effect...
  18. RainMotorsports

    Googles April Fools joke for this year apparently.... already uploaded?

    Okay some people wanna say the US think its the center of the Universe? No we just think its the 31st when other places are the 1st... not the 30th the day this video was uploaded..... Maybe i missed something there. Introducing Google Maps 8 bit for the NES Google Maps 8-bit for NES -...
  19. RainMotorsports

    Battlefield 3 graphics cards how low can you go? A 6670 Quick Bench

    I was helping a user on another forum determine what the cheapest PC he could put his son into for Battlefield 3 would be. Thanks to a gracious donation by Rob Williams for a project I have going on I had a Radeon 6670 to put to the test. I ran wild and racked up at least 1000 kills in...
  20. RainMotorsports

    Whats good in Email and FTP server software these days?

    I am running Windows Server 2008 R2. I will probably switch to Linux in about a year but at the moment I have a clue how to run, set permissions and secure a windows server. Linux will just have to wait. So any software that is cross platform with similar configuration is a nicety but not...