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    good or bad???

    PCI-e is backwards compatible isn't it? He wouldn't get the same speed as having it in a 16x 2.0 slot but it should still work I would think. However DarkStarr is correct in saying it's time for a new PC. That motherboard only supports at best a C2D E6700, not even any model of quad core. The...
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    GELID Rev. 2 Icy Vision GPU Cooler Review

    I'll let you know how that works.
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    What MP3 player do you use?

    Sansa Fuse 8GB bought to replace my Sansa E260. I don't need iTunes or other unneeded software to sort out my library for me. I can handle drag and drop fine by myself.
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    GELID Rev. 2 Icy Vision GPU Cooler Review

    FYI. This cooler is on sale for 24.99 at a certain Canadian e-tailer this week.
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    "Hardcore" Gaming Products Make Me LOL

    Does TechGage do LAN parties? Seeing as a lot of staff seems to be in Atlantic Canada, I am curious.