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    looking for diffrent uses for flashdrives

    i currently have 2 64 meg flashsticks, there fine for transfering files. im just looking for other uses. maybe as a key to enter passwords or somthing? any nifty programs that i should keep on em?
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    decent and cheap headphones?

    im looking to get some headphones for gaming and such. my budget is about 30-40 dollars. should i just goto best buy or some other store and buy whatever is on the shelf? anything to steer clear of?
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    What kind of mouse do you use for gaming?

    im still using my first optical mouse a logitech wheel mouse optical. its at least 3 years old. still going strong, the mouse feet are still there but one of them needs regluing. it also has some paint rubbed off on the finger pads
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    Is water cooling worth it?

    i ran a thermaltake aquarious 2 a year or so back. it was a decent system that is quiet. the performance was comparable to air cooling but less noise. if you move up to higher quality units, youll get better performance for simaler noise. if you dont want watercooling just change the fans to low...
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    what free virus scanner do you use?

    i currently use avg but im looking to see if there are any other programs that are better than avg.