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    PCI 2.0 board with a PCI 3.0 GPU

    My GT280 bit the dust after 6 years and I'm looking for another GPU. I'm looking to get the ...... EVGA SuperClocked 02G-P4-2765-KR G-SYNC Support GeForce GTX 760 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 SLI Support w/ EVGA ACX Cooler Video Card Will it work out okay? It's been a while since I...
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    when a pump fails ...

    Water cooled machines I use two pumps on my system, one for the GPU and the other for the CPU. Both have been perfect for five years, so far ( knock on wood ) One is a Koolance COV-PMP450A for the CPU. And the other is a Swiftech for the GPU So anyone in search of a good pump that lasts, I...
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    ASUS Launches 'Powered by ASUS' Program for System Builders

    ASUS I have always liked Asus
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    GRID 2

    I was so addicted to GRID Race Car Driver and just saw the review of GRID 2 Checking the requirements, I just clear and even rate above the list with my 5 year old system which I built to max out GRID 1. As soon as I get the bucks I'll be racing again into the late night. Thanks Rob for a great...
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    Who is Clarence?

    Who is Clarence?
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    How to Apply Thermal Paste the Kentucky Way

    Toothpaste I wonder if that was Fluoride toothpaste? Anyway, it was a hoot.
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    Skydiver Felix Baumgartner Plummets Faster than the Speed of Sound

    I always thought a free falling human terminal velocity was 120 MPH ( in the atmoshpere ) I understand that the air was really thin, but it seems ( since sound travels in air waves ) that you would have to travel even faster to break the sound barrier due to the lack of molecules.
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    AMD Launches First 'Vishera' FX CPUs, Includes 8-core FX-8350 at 4GHz

    I'm always concerned about the heat from the AMD processors. One machine that I built was laden with heat.
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    Windows 8 Launches Friday - Will You Be Buying It?

    Just tried to see the preview of Win8 and it said I needed SilverLight. I don't want Silverlight on my system. There seems to be a backdoor for maleware to sneak in from what I was reading.
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    Windows 8 Launches Friday - Will You Be Buying It?

    I DO have another machine with no OS sitting in the corner. If I hear something good...and it has to be really good, then I'll load a builders system of Win8
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    Windows 8 Launches Friday - Will You Be Buying It?

    Not really sure if I will move to Win8, I am happy with Win7 so far..... I miss the dreamscene that was in Vista Ultimate
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    NVIDIA Unveils its Ultra High-End GeForce GTX 690

    Looks like a sports car. I still have the gtx 280 watercooled A nice line of GPUs
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    #1 reason to never date a dentist

    LOL...How could he trust her that much
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    What's Stopping You From Purchasing an SSD?

    I'd like to, it's just transfering the OS and all my programs. And I don't really need the speed......Now, if I built another machine, then yes, I would go with a faster drive
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    OCZ Unveils Class-leading Enterprise SSD Products at CES

    up to 12 TB ? I can even imagine what the cost would be, maybe the price of a good used vehicle ?