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    Humungous Intel Contest ENTER June 7, 2018 Only! Limited edition i7-8086k CPUs unlocked in the 5GHz Club for sure, 500 prizes for two-thirds of Canada (NO Quebec But...but...ARRRRRGGHHHHHHHH!) and 2,086 prizes for US! Edit: "Intel is always looking for ways to engage the global community, however...
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    EVGA 18th Anniversary 7 Contests! end July 31, 2017

    Winners should be posted at the same contest links by August 14, good luck Techgagers!
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    EVGA 18th Anniversary 7 Contests! end July 31, 2017 (level 5 Thirty Five (35) hours!) You...
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    XIDAX $3K Gaming PC Giveaway (US and Canada)(Gleam) ends July 7, 2017

    Rules embedded. "We will be giving away not 1, but 2 $3000 Xidax gaming PCs! Featuring GTX 1080TI graphics card and Intel® Optane™ Memory for blazing fast storage. Say goodbye to slow load times!" referral link: sure don't help me win, ya crumb: Xidax | Xidax...
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    nVidia Order of 10: Origins ends August 18, 2016

    Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and DC, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland), who are at least 18 years old or the age of majority in their respective...
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    EVGA Scavenger Hunt 2016 ends July 31

    Droolable prize list as per usual. Edit: They made it a bit more difficult this year with numerous POTENTIAL locations for each individual. I found a good thread on our buddy Linus' (the guy with the "Tech Tips") forum with a decent list. Also: There are...
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    2015 EVGA Scavenger Hunt ends July 31

    Three other big contests ending July 31 on the same page, more insane prizes.
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    2015 EVGA Scavenger Hunt ends July 31 Sorry for the late notice, it's like I've been living under a rock, tech-wise. A look at the insane prize list got the blood pumping again though. :D
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    OC3D LGA2011 Beast Ends May 1 2015

    . Deleted contest.
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    Happy Holidays!

    Hiya, haven't been around much, but Techgage is still fondly remembered as the place where all the buds I'd want to build, game and drink beer with hang out. Whatever it is you celebrate (in my case it's looking like the Festival of Unlimited Overtime) have a happy and safe one...
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    DDR4 Supporting ATX ROG Mobos from Asus

    I thought I was ready to build too, but DDR4 pricing just kills the bang for buck on all possible X99 upgrades. Really wanted to go for a completely new monster build, but this kinda killed my gearlust, so much so that I'm now balking at more reasonable (and justifiable) upgrades.
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    Hardware Heaven Christmas Competition 2014 Mega Christmas Competition 2014 Be 1 of 6 winners in a share of over £5,000 worth of amazing tech. To enter, simply click through each slide and identify the image from the available answers shown until you reach the end. Answers to be revealed...
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    EVGA Scavenger Hunt XV - Ends July 31, 2014

    Massive prizes including a rig from the good Origin ;)
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    Origin Does Panicky About-Face

    Figured you were on top of this, but had to post it in this thread...;) Doing good! Not really gaming much or updating hardware, missed out on the R9 280s at anywhere near M.S.R.P. so it's a holding pattern right now. The good news is the compy budget is flush, so the next rig is going to...
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    Origin Does Panicky About-Face

    Battlefield 3 FREE until June 3rd: