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    Old PC Kicking Around? Install Linux!

    I did. Installed the latest ubuntu to a system I had given up on, and wow is it running nice now. I'm very pleased. Thank you for the idea, Rob. :D
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    Channels in an audio system -- a clarification

    It's true!
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    Aye. He spent 300ish miles jammed into a 2x2 space. Poor lil fella, we stopped to pet him every so often.
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    Will Techveals devotion to getting you guys the full scoop ever fade? Not likely. :p
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    Anyone know what program is hijacking me?

    Something devious takes control of my clicking sometimes. Usually the backward/forward button in IE, and also the Close button on the window. Pop up ads galore =/ help! :(
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    Windex sucks.

    Works great for me!
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    Ok, stop twisting my arm. I want 1 Terrabyte of ram.

    Aye. 100% random. I was just sleepy, and trying to peer into the near future.
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    Ok, stop twisting my arm. I want 1 Terrabyte of ram.

    We'll see it sooner or later. Rob will be drooling like a sunburnt Canadian over a bottle of aloe to overclock it. We'll argue about the need for it, and we'll all want it. Alright. Stop twisting my arm.
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    NEED HELP!!!!! removing ALCAN.I

    Just a heads up to all the young, impressional Techgagers out there: Please use a different approach when confronting Chlamydia or Syphilis. ;)
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    I am American goddamnit!

    Hehe. Q: Why do you **** a sheep on its back? A: Duh! So you can kiss it.
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    I am American goddamnit!

    I would have played on it. I would have squinted and asked him if he'd ever seen a Ninja pull the balls off of a man before. And taken a few measured steps toward him. I know, Ninjas are not Korean, but I guarantee that white trash sheep ****er knows nothing about Asian culture outside of a...
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    iPod... what is the attraction?

    It's simple, Apple marketed well enough to get the name "Ipod" inducted into everyday language. The association with mobile media is huge! How many unimformed, heavily marketed sheep associate AOL as the internet? More than we know. A+ to the marketing staff.
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    On a promising side note, 99.9% of libraries allow you to surf porn on their systems. They may charge to print out screenshots... See you soon :)
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    The $24,000 PC

    Hopefully it's one of those long, jersey style ones to cover up the small penis. :eek: