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    6-core Intel processors

    Its a shame the 6 core cpus will launch for server environment only
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    Intel Demos 3.2GHz Nehalem at Shanghai IDF

    I guess this will be one EXPENSIVE CPU
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    OCZ or CRUCIAL Ballistix

    I read on some forum that the Ballistix chips are having tough times with the motherboards that are powered with X38 and X48
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    Intel Details Nehalem, Dunnington, Tukwila & Larrabee

    we are going to have CPUs with 100 cores and the applications will run only in the first 2 or 4 cores,because of the lack of support. Not even 4 cores now are supported properly by applications,only some encoding ones.Seems hardware goes to the ceiling and the software remains the cow's tail
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    Where In Quad's Name Are They?

    hope the price will go down fast
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    Intel X48 Motherboards to Show Up This Week

    DDR2 support is very good for people that want to buy a lot of ram,very cheap and for people that have already bought the ram and waiting for a new,better motherboard to come for sale. The thing is I read somewbere that the starting price for X48 motherboards is 450$.Is that true?Also,ICH10 was...
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    Bioshock $30 on Steam...

    Bioshock 2 will exist!It will be launched in 2009 and will be developed by 2K Marin and 2K Boston that developed also Bioshock 1
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    Windows 7 Launch Confirmed for 2010

    wow,a little too late considering how weak is Windows Vista and they continue to lose clients day by day.
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    Going Vista 64-Bit...

    Any idea why after disabling Aero,the memory usage stays the same?Not even drops 1%..and the 3d performance in applications stays the same,does not increase with aero disabled?
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    Intel's P45 and G45 Chipets Laced All Over CeBit

    I heard that there are a lot of stock shortages already for the quads so they will be available for a short time after launch and then we have to wait for another restock
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    Techgage 3rd Birthday Contest

    Happy Birthday Techgage ! I hope you will stay online for at least 10 more years !
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    Hey... a VID!

    The Trivium seems to put in their songs words with no links one with another Very funny adaptation in the indian song...:) I wonder why all the female voices in indian music video sound with a pitch so high
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    Intel's P45 and G45 Chipets Laced All Over CeBit

    it is interesting that the motherboards start to appear but the 45nm quads do not
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    Dell Releases Extremely Durable Latitude XFR D630

    wow,that's a tough price! Only for that armored exerior we get a very inflated price!
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    ASUS Xonar now has EAX 5.0 support

    how does this compare to an X-fi Xtrememusic?Does it have higher quality DACs?