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Overclocking and Cooling Looking for overclocking tips? Want to boast about your feats? Discuss that and cooling here.

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I am considering making one housing for the water cooling parts. Plumb out of it to all that need WC with separable connections. I am also an aquarist with 3 saltwater tanks so the plumbing & manifolds I am kind of comfortable with. Talk is cheap for now.

I use the NVIDIAs for the solvers in CST electromagnetic software. I get a 5X to 10X speed up over the i7-5960X octa-core in the host systems. Not all of the solvers use them tho and they run on the host which is e/w 64 GB RAM.

I am getting back into C++ lately slowly. Interested in software defined radios on accelerator cards ... big subject tho. I have thought about any matrix manipulations for years. What I would like to do with the SDRs might require re-visiting that also ... multiple signal correlations from a few sites a small distance away over the internet. Just something to do
Win 7 64 bit, ASUS X99-A, i7-5960X
G. Skill 64 GB RAM DDR4
NVIDIA Tesla M2090 + NVS 290, Seasonic X750
Koolance CPU-380I block, Indigo Extreme TIM
Swiftech MCR220-QP Radiator, Eheim 1040 pump, 1/2" ID Tubing
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