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hey y'all
I heard of this contest and thought I had the perfect entry...

I only have this picture for now but rest assured I've got my other three coming up. And If I understand correct, we can have 2 entries so my labor of love AM2 sytem might participate to show its ugly face. Its in a black standard case, yet the insides beg too be shown. By the way in the cardboard box is a Pentium 3 866 with a geforce 2 gts, 512 megs of pc-133 and a 80 gig WD hdd.

so here goes:
this is the inside of my carboard box

and this is my regular, everyday rig.

as you can see, I've spent some time and money on my baby, and the only place I cheaped out is the case...
its an antec slk3000b, standard black tower. I would love a case with a side window, and as you can see, I already have cold cathodes and led fans to turn this mother out!!!

*update-I now have my final picture- here it is...

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