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  1. Kingston HyperX Contest for Canucks
  2. New Contests from NVIDIA and Intel
  3. Gigabyte GTX 275 contest...
  4. SuperBiiz.com EVGA 9800GT Video Card Twitter Giveaway 9/20/09 (18+)
  5. Darkest of Days Sweepstakes 13+ 10/15/09
  6. Win a Core i7-870 gaming PC (9-21-09
  7. WebPC.com Tell an Engineer Contest
  8. Sapphire HD 5870 contest
  9. Intel's Core i7 Custom Desktop Challenge (Calling All Modders!)
  10. Corsair Candy Corn Chassis Contest
  11. Lucky Me Killer Quote Contest - Win a Magic Mouse (ends Nov 6th)
  12. AMD Posts Final 40th Anniversary Contest, NVIDIA Holding Charity Auction
  13. Bjorn3D Christmas Extravaganza Contest Ends Jan 31st
  14. NVIDIA's History of Gaming Challenge
  15. Gigabyte 800 Facebook Fans Contest
  16. Bjorn3D NZXT Contest
  17. Cooler Master "Summer Fun" contest
  18. EVGA 11th Anniversary Contests
  19. Kingston Launches Simple Contest with Huge Prizes
  20. NZXT Summer PC Upgrade Giveaway on Facebook
  21. Sapphire Select Club Launches $100,000 Contest
  22. Up To $500 In Razer Gear Is Up For Grabs
  23. Zalman CNPS9900MAX CPU Cooler contest
  24. Contest: NVIDIA 3D notebook
  25. Sapphire Holding Rally Experience Contest for SSC Members
  26. EVGA 12th Anniversary Contest
  27. Ultimate Gamer Xtreme Giveaway (U.S./Canada, end Sep. 1, FB)
  28. Bigfoot Networks Contest "Build a Killer Gaming PC" U.S./Can ends Aug. 26
  29. Scan Computer "Build A Killer PC" (Worldwide ends Aug. 19)
  30. Kingston Digital Announces Rock the Bells Festival Giveaway
  31. Newegg + ASUS Blizzcon contest
  32. SteelSeries wants you to pick its Portal 2 mousepad design
  33. AC Ryan's X-Men contest
  34. Developers! Win a trip to... Hull
  35. Intel Kicks Off '32-in-32' Contest
  36. GraVT Professional Photographer System Giveaway
  37. HiTech Legion 3rd Annual Holiday Giveaway Spectacular 2011
  38. NVIDIA Kicks Off '12 Days of Gear Up Giving' Facebook Contest
  39. CyberPower 12-day giveaway
  40. GIGABYTE Llano Overclocking Contest
  41. DecryptedTech.com Asus EAH5770 CU GPU (Dec. 31, judged tech essay, registration)
  42. KitGuru - Win Gordon Moore's "Bowling" Shirt
  43. Thecus NAStty thumb drive contest
  44. Win MNPCTECH's Fractal Mod (Facebook)
  45. NVIDIA Holding Mass Effect 3 Contest - Win a MAINGEAR PC
  46. GIGABYTE Launches North American Battlefield 3 Competition
  47. Win an ASUS Transformer Prime
  48. ASUS has a GTX 680 up for grabs
  49. KitGuru - One of 2 HIS GPUs ends June 15
  50. MAINGEAR - Diablo Dream Rig ends June 29
  51. I Love Leadtek Spam Contest
  52. Sapphire - Win A Compter That's So Messed Up I Won't Even Enter
  53. Corsair t-shirt design contest
  54. GIGABYTE Hidden Gems contest
  55. Sapphire Manic Weekend Giveaway
  56. Contest at Sapphire's Facebook page
  57. RWLabs - Win a Radeon HD6790 (Facebook, ends July 31)
  58. G.Skill Facebook contest
  59. EVGA 13th anniversary contest
  60. OCZ, In-Win & Thermalright Joint Contest at NikKTech
  61. Kingston 128GB SSD contest at Bigbruin
  62. Cooler Master Case & Cooler Mod Contest 2012
  63. GIGABYTE's launches Classic Challenge II competition
  64. Win a custom Corsair Gaming PC Facebook ends Sept. 7
  65. BIOSTAR Hi-Fi Z77X contest at NikKTech
  66. Sapphire and Cooler Master joint contest on Facebook
  67. EVGA 3D Eclipse Giveaway Ends Nov. 14
  68. Gearbox contest for those who dressed up as Borderlands chars for Halloween
  69. GIGABYTE's "Ultimate Overclockers Dream Xmas Giveaway"
  70. Lian Li CES 2013 Facebook Photo Contest
  71. SSD Review Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD ends 7 Feb.
  72. G.Skill + EVGA contest
  73. ==EVGA==All Servers Event ends March 31, 2013
  74. NVIDIA Announces Global "World of Tanks" Open Tournament
  75. PowerColor (USA) contest
  76. ModSynergy 10-Year Celebration Contest (Canada-only)
  77. TG's five game giveaway
  78. Win be quiet gaming PC Gear
  79. G.Skill, Sapphire, ASRock, and Enermax contest on Facebook